Graduate Assistantship in Plant Biology at UNH

University of New Hampshire
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Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
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New Hampshire
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Graduate Research Assistantship in Plant Biology at the University of New Hampshire Research Project: Research is focused on the ecology, epidemiology, and population genetics of foliar and soil-borne pathogens of forage crops in the Northeastern United States. Potential candidates will be working with an interdisciplinary group of researchers to develop practical strategies for organic dairy producers to enhance the viability of farms by evaluating advanced pasture production techniques. Specifically we will be using multi-cultivar mixtures and annual forage species to extend the grazing season and improve production. The role of the graduate research assistant will be to evaluate the disease severity of foliar and soil-borne pathogens, the population genetics of important foliar pathogen, as well as the effect of cultivar mixtures on the soil microbial community.
BSc or MSc. Degree in plant sciences, biology or related field; GRE scores
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Contact Dr. Kirk Broders ( in the Department of Biological Sciences for information on the position. For more information on the Plant Biology graduate program at the University of New Hampshire please contact our administrative coordinator, Diane Lavalliere (
04/13/2012 (All day)
Last updated February 13, 2012