Seasonal Boundary Technician

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Land Protection Associate
Job Field: 
Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
Job Type: 
Location Detail: 
Boiling Springs
Job Description: 
Position Purpose: The Seasonal Boundary Technician monitors, maintains, and recovers exterior corridor boundaries of ANST lands acquired to protect the Appalachian Trail. Field work is the priority function of this position. The Technician also works with the Trail Clubs to “preserve and strengthen the existing volunteer-centered system”. The Technician will assist with training workshops, and assist Trail Clubs to monitor, manage, and recover selected boundaries. The Technician maintains work records, monitoring and management data, and field equipment. Field work may occur across the extent of the Appalachian Trail. Duties Performed: • Monitors and conducts maintenance on selected boundaries TBD. o Repaints deteriorated and faded Appalachian Trail corridor boundary line trees and witness trees, checks monument condition o Maintains accurate records of monument & line conditions and field work o Works with local volunteer Trail club members as appropriate o Assists with data entry of completed field work • Records monitoring and management data in a spreadsheet/database • Assists Land Protection Associate and Trail Club leaders with organizing and presenting corridor monitoring /maintenance training workshops for Trail club volunteers o Works with local volunteer Trail club members as appropriate • Travels to and from work sites, keeps work log, tent camps at work sites • Maintains regular communication with supervisors, files times sheets and expense reports • Communicates with Trail Club Monitor Coordinators • Maintains field equipment
• High school diploma/equivalency required. Training in surveying, forestry, natural resources management, or related field is desirable • Familiarity with the Appalachian Trail or other trail work experience is desirable • Experience working with volunteers and leading work projects is desirable • Experience living and working outdoors, including primitive, backcountry camping • Proven ability to travel on foot over rough terrain and for extended periods of time/distance • Demonstrated proficiency with map and compass to interpret survey plats, follow compass bearings, and triangulate position using reference landmarks • Good communication skills, ability to maintain good relations, and inspire cooperation with volunteers and neighboring landowners to inspire cooperation • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications Physical Requirements: • Ability to travel on foot over rough terrain and for extended periods of time/distance • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions • Ability to camp in primitive, backcountry locations • Work in a multi-person office setting
How to Apply: 
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Lawson Bresette HR Coordinator at
Last updated May 26, 2010